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We guarantee to beat your Electricity renewal price offer – We have been No 1 recommended UK Energy Broker for the last three consecutive yearsextensions.

Electricity bills can be a huge expense for any business. SMEs operating in a single location may find themselves unexpectedly tied into a contract that doesn’t meet their needs, while larger operations may find the corporate supply chain harder to navigate.

But your business doesn’t need to settle for the price you’ve been offered. We’ll help you challenge your current tariff, and compare business electricity prices to find you the best possible deal.

Why Should I Compare Electricity Prices with Taurus Utility Consultants?

If you’ve recently moved premises, or you’ve had an electricity contract in place for more than 12 months, it’s highly likely that you aren’t on the best possible rate. You could be on a ‘deemed rate’ based on what your supplier thinks you’re using, or a standard rate that doesn’t take your needs into account.

Either way, you’re losing money that your business could be re-investing into something else, like growing your company. Taurus Utility Consultants will help you to compare the electricity tariffs on offer, and provide you with the best possible prices from a range of leading suppliers.

How Do I Compare Business Electricity Rates?

With Taurus, you won’t have to. We’ll compare the rates for you. But it’s not a matter of leafing through pricing books and picking a low number. We’ll analyse your business’ electricity usage and provide a bespoke quote.

Your actual expenditure will be analysed in a full, free audit, providing us with all the information we need to create an accurate overview of how much electricity your company needs. We’ll then contact all of the UK’s leading suppliers to provide a range of accurate quotes, and provide you with a summary, along with our advice.

How Do I Switch?

Because we’re more interested in saving you money than grabbing an extra percent of commission, we’ll let you know when you should switch. If the best possible deal isn’t available for six months, you won’t be ushered in to a more expensive contract just to get you to switch over immediately.

And when the time to switch comes, we’ll guide you every step of the way. A dedicated energy broker will be on hand to help you with contracts, and we’ll handle as much of the paperwork as we can. All you’ll need to do is read over our suggestions, and sign the contract on the best electricity price we suggest (or whichever you choose).

Switching with Taurus really is that simple.

The process starts with your free audit. Or we can act more quickly to get you a better deal straight away if you wish.

For more specific information, please contact us on 0191 477 2244

What next?

We have two service options:

  1. Quick quote – for those times when you need a better deal now
  2. Bespoke quote – this is where additional savings can be made if you allow us up to 5 days to negotiate on your behalf and wait for your company specific quotes to be gathered