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Business electricity customers with Half Hourly meters (HH Meters or 00 Meters) are in a favourable position compared to domestic or Non Half Hourly customers (NHH Meters or 03 to 08 profile meters). HH Meter customers usually receive prices based on the UK Power market that day as opposed to pre-set tariff prices. HH customers can also buy energy on flexible energy contracts which are much cheaper than other tariffs available.

You can tell what kind of meter you are on from your MPAN number (a unique reference number for each meter). A HH meter can be recognised by the ‘00’ at the beginning of the MPAN.

HH Meter customers can also benefit from the following energy management and energy procurement solutions:

  • Free energy reporting software
  • Billing on pass through contracts that itemise each aspect of the energy bill allowing for better bill validation and transparency
  • Access to HH tariff profiling that allows customers to obtain a tariff that best suits their usage profile

There are 17 HH electricity suppliers in the UK and we’ll find the best one for your needs.