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We have experience saving huge amounts of money for multinationals and for smaller companies.

We can both lower your costs and remove any unnecessary charges – including getting you backdated refunds for anything incorrectly billed e.g. waste water charges.

Reduce Your Water Bills

The problems you face in finding the best energy supplier also apply when you’re trying to find the best deal on business water rates.

That’s why Taurus Utility Consultants is proud to announce that we provide full water audits and bill reductions for our clients.

Save Money, Switch Suppliers

If your business is based in Scotland, then you already have the choice of switching supplier.

As with all of our services, we start by examining your business’ usage in full. We’ll examine just how much water your business uses across all of your sites, and how that compares to the amount that you pay for.

Next, we’ll provide you with a full report, explaining how your water usage can be streamlined, leading to even more savings, and start work searching for the best possible water supply contract on the market.

Then, once we’ve found a deal that’s right for you, we’ll help you switch suppliers. We are able to provide average savings of up to 30% on your existing bills, and have also managed to secure substantial refunds where a business has been overcharged.

Spend Less With Taurus

To arrange your full water usage audit, or to discuss your business’ utility requirements, call Taurus today. We’re available now on 0191 477 2244.

Site Survey

  • The water audit report may recommend a site survey is undertaken in order to identify the reason for high water consumption.
  • Typical project work to save water where high consumption exists:
  • Underground water leaks
  • Water leak detection
  • Urinals flushing uncontrolled
  • Can we save water with a water saving flush or a water saving toilet?
  • High volume showers operating in leisure centres, hotels, fitness clubs
  • Inefficient water use in production
  • Faulty water meter
  • Incorrect meter readings
  • Client’s metered supply feeds others in error
  • Overflowing tanks / storage cisterns
  • Swimming pools leaking
  • Faulty pool make up systems

Call now on 0191 477 2244