Half Hourly Electricity

Business electricity customers with Half Hourly Power

Business electricity customers with Half Hourly meters (HH Meters or 00 Meters) are in a favourable position compared to domestic or Non Half Hourly customers (NNH Meters or 01-02 – 08 profile meters).

  • There are at least 17 HH electricity suppliers in the UK and we’ll find the best one for your needs. To help us we just need you to complete the contact form and send us some copy bills

HH Metered customers usually receive tendered prices based on the UK Power market that day as opposed to pre-set tariff prices. HH customers can also buy energy on flexible energy contracts which are much cheaper than other tariffs available. An MPAN number is unique to each meter in the UK. A typical MPAN number will be shown on your bill as below:

An HH Meter can be recognised from the bill by the 00 number in the top line of your supply number. The MPAN is the bottom line on the bill. HH Meter customers can also benefit from the following energy management and energy procurement solutions

  • We provide our HH Meter Customers with Energy Reporting Software
  • Billing on pass through contracts that itemise each aspect of the energy bill allowing for better bill validation and transparency;
  • Access to HH tariff profiling that allows customers to obtain a tariff that best suits their usage profile
  • KVA Capacity analysis and reduction for savings and efficiency (a pass through cost from the distributor, which we can challenge)
  • HH Metering also has a MOP Agreement (see our Metering Services page)
  • ALL HH metered sites in the UK, must have a Meter Operator Agreement (MOP) AND DA/DC data collection. This is commonly added to you bill as additional costs, however Taurus Utility can arrange a different agreement, and deliver you further savings, over and above the savings we get you on your billing and tariff charges

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If you would like to contact us to discuss this confidentially, feel free to ring for a free 30 minute consultation on 01325 978697 / 0191 4772244 or email steve@taurusutilityconsultants.co.uk
For HH client testimonials visit www.FreeIndex.co.uk and view our customer testimonials, or read our Case Studies here
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