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Taurus Utility Consultants Partner Channel: receive extra regular income by introducing Taurus Utility Consultants products to your clients or members

The Taurus Partner channel is set up to allow a wide range of businesses and sub-brokers a way to offer Business Gas and Business Electricity prices and products to their clients or members. We will give you support and help in marketing to your contacts and answering their questions about their energy contracts and the ways to save energy. We do everything we can to make sure that you obtain additional regular income from your contacts and that your clients benefit from better energy prices, energy savings and carbon footprint reduction.

There are three factors in each partnership:

  • Relationship level: depends on your experience in handling energy sales and the amount of time you want to spend selling. This will have an effect on the value of your commission earnings.
  • Products selection: depending upon your relationship level you can choose which Taurus Utility Consultants products are offered to your members or clients
  • Branding : you can use Taurus branding that is presented on the offering to your members or clients, or use your own.

Bringing Taurus products into your business allows you to offer additional value or services to your clients. Energy is one of the major costs for almost all businesses, using our products enables you to offer a genuine cost-saving to your contacts, not only in the short term but also to bring year-on-year benefits by helping them reduce their energy usage with our ongoing account management and energy saving tips. These additional energy services can aid your member recruitment and increase your customer loyalty.

Becoming a Taurus Partner is free and there are no on-going costs.

Partner Channel Application

If you are currently operating as a broker and wish to find out more, or you are working in another industry and would like to explore cross-selling our proposition into your client base, please apply via our contact form and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Taurus Utility Consultants are an independent, impartial utility management consultancy and energy broker. We have a relationship with all of the country‚Äôs major energy suppliers (and many of the lesser known specialist business energy suppliers). We specialise in single & multi-site tendering for small, medium and large organisations within the UK. Our independent position allows us unique access to rates & terms that are widely unavailable to business customers and many UK brokers.

We also have access to excellent enabling productivity technology. Time to Unleash the Potential of Your Business!
Sparkplug : PowerMatrix specialises in building custom solutions for energy brokers and suppliers. No matter how complex the need or stringent the timeline, our team of experts is ideally positioned to deliver custom solutions that are precisely aligned with the specific needs of any business.

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