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Why trust Taurus Home Energy ?

Having compared and arranged utilities for over 30 years, Taurus Home Energy knows a thing or two about the domestic suppliers to trust and those to ignore and those that will be thrown in the recycling by Ofgem (like Extra Energy, Tonik were)
Trust Taurus Home Energy to guide you through the choices, the false marketing messages and the blatant lies and “noise” about where best to spend your hard earned cash on Home Energy.

This months recommended domestic energy supplier

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A few of the benefits of Switching energy providers to So Energy

  1. 100% Green Energy Supplier
  2. Fixed price energy tariffs (Bulb is a variable tariff)
  3. Highly recommended by “Which“ review (Consumer Magazine)
  4. 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot score
  5. Excellent customer service and meter reading service
  6. Accurate bills
  7. £40 credit on your first bill and no big early exit fees
  8. Easy switching process where everything is done for you after signing up

So Energy is one of the best domestic suppliers across the whole of the UK and in many areas is THE BEST, but it doesn’t mean they are THE cheapest on your personal postcode
Categories: So Energy’s ranking
So Energy is ranked 6 out of 46 in the category Electric utility company
So Energy is ranked 4 out of 50 in the category Energy supplier
So Energy is ranked 5 out of 47 in the category Gas company
So Energy is ranked 3 out of 16 in the category Green energy supplier
TrustScore 4.8/5
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Customers have started complaining about Octopus Energy, as they are sending higher than usual and expected bills due to potentially faulty Smart Metering.
Here is what Which? say about So Energy

More information about So Energy
Save money by switching to So Energy and get an extra £40 credit by joining up, using our referral link https://www.so.energy/r/SMQLJKJIH

If you are struggling to switch away from a pre-payment energy meter, please check out our guide

Who are the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers?

You’ve probably heard people talking about the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers; the six largest companies supplying gas and electricity to homes in the UK. Together, the ‘Big 6’ energy companies supply over 90% of the homes in Britain, which means they completely dominate the market.
However, this is reducing and has changed a great deal due to new emerging suppliers offering better prices and/ or a better service

The ‘Big 6’ energy companies are:

  • British Gas
  • SSE (now bought and re-named Ovo Energy)
  • EDF Energy
  • Npower
  • EON UK
  • Scottish Power
  • What is The “Tariff Cap?”

    Default tariff cap level: 1 October 2020 to 31 March 2021
    Ofgem Publication August 2020